Though we are able to white label our bath products, we are most excited by the opportunity to supply you with our light crystals uncoupled so that you can pair them with your current suite of offerings or use them to create new products outside of your existing lineup. 

Whether you are developing bath products, education kits, event constellations, float center ambiance, pool toys, science books, or anything else, we are more than happy to collaborate on ideas and help create new innovations. Contact us so we can explore!

Wholesale order inquiries



Our wholesale price for the glow beads that make our light crystals begins at $16 per single bath bottle with a minimum order of 250 units, including delivery to your warehouse. Any customization to materials and/or shipping will affect this price. 

We offer a 5% discount at the following levels: 10,000; 20,000; 30,000; 40,000; 50,000 which translates to the following prices: $15.20, $14.44, $13.72, $13.03, $12.38. 

In special circumstances, such as for first time partners, we also offer a buy back program of unopened inventory at 80% of unit cost (excluding shipping/customs/duties/tariffs).  


Bottle - to match your need and your brand, we are able to vary bottle sizes, styles, materials, and labeling. Typically, these changes can add between 5% and 15% to total costs.  

Beads - for advanced product development or special applications, we are open to exploring more sophisticated modifications. For example, producing different colors of light, adjusting the duration of glow,  mixing crystals with other materials, etc.  A custom quote would include the related R&D costs. 


We are flexible to ship according to your preferences. We can ship directly to your warehouse or retail location either from the US or China. Or if desired, for large orders we can supply FOB, CNF, DDP, etc. 

Bulk packaging

Our glow beads are supplied in single dose bottles. Due to the humidity sensitivity of the beads, which requires us to produce the beads in an ultra-dry facility, we currently do not supply in large containers for partners to then repackage into smaller ones. We plan to test for different manufacturing variables to see if we can offer bulk units in the future.