Is Bath Diamond vegan and cruelty free?

Yes! This product is vegan and free of animal products. We use essentially the same microorganisms that are used to make yogurt to produce our Light Crystal proteins.

Are there any active or live bacteria in Bath Diamond?

No! The manufacturing process for our bioluminescent ingredient includes sterile filtration, leaving behind the bioluminescent protein.

Are the Light Crystals safe to have on your body or in a bath (especially for women)?

Yes! In our tests, there were no adverse skin reactions or negative side effects to genitalia, mucous membrane, or otherwise. The Light Crystals are essentially natural proteins that we synthesized, and it will be harmless to most people.

Of course, we do not recommend intentionally putting the bioluminescent ingredients into body cavities, but it’s unlikely that would happen in a normal bath and we do recommend rinsing off after your bath. If you follow our product usage instructions correctly, you can enjoy our product worry-free.

How did you make the Bath Diamond bath bomb safe, is the product natural?

Bath Diamond’s Light Crystals are a natural glowing compound that originates from the ocean. Our scientists used its genetic information to make the protein (Luciferase) recombinant in microorganisms. Luciferin, the “fuel” that creates light, is a compound that was made in a laboratory for our products, but it also occurs in squid, plankton, and many other organisms.

This technology is also widely used in the research field, where the exact same Luciferin compound is safely injected in high doses into mice (e.g. for Parkinson research) without any side effects.

Does Bath Diamond provide benefits to my skin?

Yes! Besides the benefits of essential oils, the primary ingredient in our Light Crystals (Luciferin) is a potent antioxidant. It has been shown in a few studies to provide skin cells with DNA-protective properties.

Is the manufacturing process sustainable and eco-friendly? 

Yes - our company was founded by a group who loved nature and wanted to share its amazing bioluminescent effects with the world, since this natural glow effect is really only available in medical fields. Our mission is to be as resourceful and eco-friendly as possible. We use natural processes and lab-synthesized proteins to achieve the glowing effect - so that is sustainable. Although we can’t provide every detail of our proprietary lab process, we can say that each step is well thought-out and done by a very professional and scientific team with precious little waste.

Does Bath Diamond cause allergic reactions?

Generally speaking, no. Please test first if you have sensitive skin. Like any protein (as present in peanuts, certain pollens, and even cat saliva) there is a small possibility to develop an allergy to a specific type of protein.

Can Bath Diamond stain my tub? 

It is always a good idea to rinse your tub after using any bath product, almost all have at least an ingredient that can stick to the surface. And maintaining a clean, undamaged tub in general will make a difference in how thorough you need to be when doing so. 

In general, any bath products with a colorant (mica or dye) could stain tubs with soap scum, scratched surfaces, worn spots, or missing tiles/finish. We recommend that if any colored residue remains after you've rinsed your tub, simply use baking soda to help wipe it off. 

Contact us at service@bathdiamond.com if you have any other questions or concerns!