The History

What is bioluminescence

Bioluminescene is natural light produced by some of nature's most beautiful creatures. Most often found in marine life, from tiny surface dwellers to sizable deep sea critters, these organisms have an ability to glow on-demand by regulating their internal chemistry.

Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to document the phenomenon, and now each year millions of people flock to destinations all around the world to witness the incredible occurrence. From Puerto Rico to the Maldives, from Japan to New Zealand, the intrigue, magic, and mystery beckon to those seeking unique exhilaration.   

Sharing the experience with you

It was on a visit to La Bahía Bioluminiscente (“the Bioluminescent Bay”) of Vieques island, Puerto Rico when we were first enamored by the tranquility of swimming in the glow of the ocean. We felt a mix of fantastical enthusiasm and a deep state of relaxation as we observed the luminescent paths we created in the water.

How then could we help others experience something similar, from the comforts of their own home? Discovering that scientists up until now have reproduced nature’s process only for medical applications, we began a journey to create accessible consumer products.

Our path led us to partner with a team of scientists excited to integrate nature's bioluminescence into unique and exceptional goods.  We are proud to share the fruits of our labor, and look forward to hearing about your Bath Diamond experience.