The Process Behind Bioluminescence

We are able to share the Ocean’s light with you by using bioluminescence.

The same natural process that fireflies, squid, shrimp and many other marine animals use to make light. Marine creatures’ bioluminescent glow is produced through the oxidation of a natural molecule called Luciferin by an enzyme called Luciferase. Luciferase is able to add oxygen to the antioxidant-rich molecule, Luciferin, to activate it to shine. Just like animals burn sugar for energy, bioluminescence burns antioxidants for energy in the form of light.  


Luciferin produces light, and luciferase allows the light-producing chemical reaction to take place.


In this reaction, the luciferase acts as a catalyst.


The luciferase allows oxygen to combine with the luciferin.


This reaction produces photons of light.


And the oxidized luciferin becomes inactive oxyluciferin.

Bath Diamond Quality Commitment


The Bioluminescent Luciferin we use is 100% natural and nourishing, pure of any added chemicals. It is a powerful antioxidant that provides cellular protection as well as swelling reduction, and has even been tested as a possible liver transplant protectant due to its nurturing properties. Learn more

Diamond Value

The Bath Diamond Active Bioluminescent Ingredient is more precious than gold.

 Just 1 gram of our bioluminescent ingredient costs more than 1 ounce of gold. 


We are committed to supporting the advancement of bioluminescent technology to give back to the medical field in which it originated. You can learn more about the science and safety of bioluminescence here.