Bath Diamond is now live!

Bath Diamond began with a kayaking trip between friends to unplug on a journey to a renowned bioluminescent bay. Immersed in nature, life seemed to slow down. And as we paddled while night fell, we began to see ripples of light along the sides of our kayaks. 

Soon, the natural bio-light was glowing all around our paddles and we were left in awe by the luminous path created in the water. It was magic. After returning home, we went straight to work researching the ocean’s bioluminescence and how we could share our experience with others. 

We found that up until now, the Nobel Prize winning science behind natural bioluminescence has primarily been used in medical technology due to its high price point. We wanted this science to be accessible to those outside of just the medical field, so we worked with labs for years to create our luminous, ocean-derived Bath Diamond technology. All, so we can share our bioluminescent bay experience with you from the comfort of your home.